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Technical Services

CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Limited

CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Limited(CNOOC EnerTech) was founded on June 20, 2008 with a registered capital of RMB 6 billion. The company (formerly CNOOC Oil Base Group Limited) consists of 11 specialized branch companies. Its foundation marked the entrance of CNOOC into a new stage of establishing an overall modern enterprise system.

In 2012, the company continued to implement the Internal Entrepreneurship Plan, highlight the specialization and differentiation among professions, speed up industrial development, enhance driving forces for endogenous growth, and optimize the business mode of "technology + service + products". The industrial system composed by energy technology services, integrated energy services, FPSO and shipping, and fine chemical industry, showed vitality. The reform in mining area achieved greatly with regard to transferring social service from the company to local government and maintained local stability and harmony. The company made significant progress in value-adding from developing differentiated services, stabilizing services prices and obtaining synergy for economic growth.

The scale and the managerial quality of our FPSO operation came out top in the world. The technical service capacity reached the international advanced level and we developed the overall solution for polymer injection. We broke the monopoly by foreign producers as independently developed the sand control technology for well drilling and completion, the 9-5/8 sand control tools and the series of color-based coating technology of high performance. We successfully applied the core technology of oilfield equipment maintenance, such as oilfield equipment on-line monitoring, in oilfield production. We also developed the deepwater pipeline coating technology for the operation 1500-metre depth underwater, the leading technology in the domestic market with the capability of providing deepwater pipeline integrated services like deepwater counterweight, dry/wet insulation, anticorrosion, joint position coating, etc. All these technological achievements strongly supported the deepwater strategy of the company. In addition, the LNG cold energy utilization showed scale effect and the establishment of Cold Energy Utilization Institute helped us to further develop the potential of the LNG industry.

The company took emerging industries as an important source of economic growth. Services for security technology, energy saving and environmental protection and unconventional gas drilling technology saw a momentum of development. The company owned shares for six large LNG vessels, but also started the design and building of small and medium LNG vessel and harbour tug. A complete industrial chain of LNG transport was formed.

The company pushed forward key projects steadily. The phase I of Huizhou Logistics Base construction project was successfully completed and brought into practice. The largest single series device of acrylic acid and acrylates was put into operation and created the shortest record of succeeding in the first material input experiment for the similar device. TCDTO-1, CNOOC's first independently researched and developed high-efficiency catalyst for the refining of aromatic hydrocarbons demonstrated outstanding capability in the thorough removal of olefins during its operational use at Huizhou Refinery.